World Fund Recovery & Payment will assist any business in managing the entire credit extension process. We have the resources, skills and sophisticated systems

principally designed to increase your cash flow and minimise bad debt, simultaneously turning your credit processes into a competitive

advantage. Get your accounts paid on time every time by the credit management and credit insurance experts.


Our collections approach

We can exchange large volumes of data with our clients

  • We will be flexible in how we transfer data to/from our clients

o  Automated transfers are the most efficient solution where possible/appropriate

o  Exchange of data via flat files or spreadsheets can be managed successfully where necessary

o  Whatever the chosen channel, security of data transmissions is of the utmost importance. We take our role as custodians of

data very seriously

We design differentiated collections strategies based on the segmentation of accounts

  • Initial strategies are designed when accounts are handed over for collection through the use of empirically justifiable analytics
  • Strategies are then constantly refined over time to optimise collections for our clients. There is feedback from the actual performance

of the collections environment to the strategies, allowing real time strategy modification

  • Champion/Challenger techniques are key to this process
  • We use a range of tools in our collections strategies based upon the needs of different clients and different segments of debtors
  • Telephony via our call centre teams
  • SMS
  • Letters – regular and registered
  • Email
  • Database tracing – combining electronically available sources of contact information
  • Field tracing – using a network of agents in the field to find debtors
  • Debit orders – regular and NAEDO (non-authenticated early debit orders)
  • Legal collections – nationwide coverage

We prefer to collect into a dedicated trust account, but can accommodate collections into our clients’ accounts where necessary

  • Collections into our trust account allows for the earliest possible notification to our collections teams if debtors miss promised

payments. (If payments are made to our clients there is typically an administrative delay before we are sent the

payment/non-payment information.)

  • Early notification of missed payments is a critical component of optimising collections for our clients

We will have detailed daily management information with which to monitor operational and collections performance

  • Detailed daily performance stats down to the level of individual collectors
  • Management information enables collections strategies to be constantly refined

Our Mission

World Fund Recovery & Payment committed to serving the financial needs of individuals and businesses.

We will aggressively and professionally collect our Customers’ debts using all result-producing methods available to us.

World Fund Recovery & Payment provides excellent client services with the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct.

Our goal is to increase recovery of all debts irrespective of size, while remaining sensitive to our clients’ public image.